Conference tables

Many years of experience in woodwork let us carry out personalized orders even with non-standard dimensions.  Making conference tables requires not only knowledge and skills but also proper materials which we look for all over Poland and store specially for you.

Each table longer than 3m constitutes a challenge when it comes to both craftsmanship and logistics. Here even the smallest detail matters. We keep it in mind, that is why our tables can be tailored made, adjusted to your needs and possibilities.

That is why before starting new projects we try to take all details into consideration and match our offer in a way enabling both parties to be satisfied with the final effect. Significant are not only obvious features like measurement and thickness of a countertop but also trivial things, to which on a daily basis we do not pay attention: if a room is on a ground floor or not, what does a staircase look like, whether corridors are wide enough – simply if we fit into with the table.

It often happens that space gets disrupted by a table’s dimensions. It cannot be too big if space is limited, even when an investor has megalomaniac aspirations. We are happy when our work is to be the main element of a given design but chairs, lighting and even media port openings also need to be taken into account. Functionality and pragmatism should go hand in hand with design. Only than it is possible to reach perfect proportions. And ultimately, it’s always the point. No matter what we do.