Monoliths – is the colloquial name of furniture made of one piece of wood. No matter if you deal with a 5-meter countertop or a small table. Mostly they are thick (from 4 to even 10 cm), single and unique pieces of wood with amazing graining and color.

In Poland, the most beautiful monoliths are from oak, ash, elm, acacia or even European walnut. Trees themselves are often  a few hundred years old, and therefore if they must be cut, every effort should be made to preserve their beauty and majesty.

In order to be able to obtain such material you need not only a lot of time, patience and perseverance, but also right technological facilities. The whole cycle from cutting down a given tree to obtaining  proper raw material takes much longer, requires more knowledge and skills.

Therefore it can be safely said that tables made of one piece of tree are small works of art that will decorate every space with their beauty.